Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Book Venture!

I have been working on writing a quilt book for several months and have just finalized a book contract with Nancy Dill Designs dba who will publish my book in early spring 2009. It will be introduced to the public at Spring Quilt Market in Chicago, April 2009, and I will be there in person to introduce it! I am very excited!

The book is based on a series of quilt patterns and shows how an original design idea can evolve and change in exciting ways. I have gathered a wonderful group of quilting friends from my guild to help me make quilts for the book, and there will be lots of color photos of the many variations of my initial design concept. I am very grateful for their enthusiastic participation and support for this new venture!

I can't say any more quite yet - Stay tuned for more details...

Cary Flanagan
Something Sew Fine Quilt Design

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Booth at Clamshell

Heatwave or not, the show must go on, and it did! Here are some pictures of our booth. As usual, we displayed actual samples of all the quilts we have patterns for.
Time to pack up the quilts and unsold patterns and ship them back to their mommies, then play catchup on all the (sorely neglected) cleaning, laundry, shopping.

Happy Quilting,
Barbara Chojnacki

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For Love of Springtime

Copying and pasting parts of my latest newsletter, so many apologies if you came here looking for witty new things from me and end up coming away with stuff you've already seen and heard! Just consider it me doing my part to get Green and recycle.

"For Love of Springtime"
32 1/2" x 15"
Spring in the Beaded Blooms series

Before the weather turned unbearably hot, which to me is anything over 82 degrees, I created an ode to the Bleeding Hearts bush in full bloom outside my studio window. (Side note – I just love calling my quilting space a “studio”; it sounds so much fancier than “the finished half of our basement”.) The resulting quilt is entitled “For Love of Springtime” and is the third pattern in my “Beaded Blooms” series. The quilt itself made its debut at several trunk show lectures this spring and response from the quilting public was overwhelmingly positive, with several sales having been made before the pattern was even finished. The wall hanging uses the same pieced background, machine appliqué, and beaded embellishment techniques as the other quilts in the series, “Sunflower and Sky” and “Winter Whites”, and, in my very humble opinion, is really quite stunning in addition to being a great quilt for machine (or even those nutty hand) appliqué enthusiasts. I was blessed to have the cover photo taken by celebrity guest photographer Marie Seroskie of Katie Lane Quilts, whom I would like to add here is one of the nicest people on earth. Imagine my happy dance when this incredibly talented and experienced designer not only took a gorgeous photo for me but pronounced the design “a winner”. And yes, this time I did watch out for pins on the floor while happy dancing. “For Love of Springtime” is available at $4.00 wholesale ($8.00 retail) and is a great pattern to consider kitting. I have one shop owner who kits my "Sunflower and Sky" from this series and literally cannot keep them in stock. That is an awesome feeling.

Seven weeks and one day til EPQD namesakes Eva and Paige start Full Day Kindergarten…not that I am counting!!! I will miss them all day, but the gain of many more design hours in the week will be a welcome consolation for not having them home to entertain (read: talk nonstop to) me all day. Now to make sure Greta doesn’t decide to follow through on the threat of dropping her nap that she seems to be contemplating and ruin all my lofty plans. (Pun not intended, but so cute I will leave it in there.) The fun of balancing family and a one woman show is always entertaining.

Beth Helfter
EvaPaige Quilt Designs

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Countdown to Clamshell

With one week and two days to go until the Clamshell show, I'm busy putting the finishing touches on my two new patterns.

Five Yard Dash was so named because it uses five 1-yard pieces of fabric and is quick and easy to make. It measures a versatile 56" x 68". This is a great selling tool for shops that sell packets of one-yard cuts.

Patty Piper Pieced a Pair of Painless Pointless Pinwheels is a super quick, super fun pattern that yields not one, but two quilts. Simple blocks are stitched, then cut in half. The lighter halves make one top, the darker halves another. Use totally different border fabrics and you have very different quilts. What a great idea for siblings who share a room! Quilt shops/teachers take note- this is a great pattern for classes. Not only for beginners but for flannel quilts, charity quilts, holiday gifts, you name it. The pattern contains directions for 48" x 60" cuddle quilts and twin size bed quilts!

See you at the show!
Barbara Chojnacki
Six Gables Designs