Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moose Challenge Results

Hello readers!

Back in March of this year the Moose Challenge got underway and we had about 20 people express an interest in participating. The design elements were randomly selected, and the deadline was set for August 10th.

Even though e-mail reminders were sent to the challengers, I am disappointed to share that this is the only photo that has been sent in as of today. (The original plan was to post photos of all the quilts on this blog and have the public vote for viewer's choice.)

This whimiscal rendition was designed by Marie Seroskie of Katie Lane Quilts. The design elements to be included were: the colors green and fuschia, a circle, a Shoo-Fly quilt block, and a "key". For those of you who know Marie, she is not only an accomplished quilter, but a talented pianist as it is no surprise that she chose a piano key rather than the type of key that unlocks a door.

Thank you, Marie, for accepting the challenge! You did a great job!

The "Moose Challenge" process of designing can be a good one if you are stuck for an idea and need a jump start when designing your next quilt. Here is the process:

1. Set out 4 or more empty paper bags.

2. Fill the first bag with individual slips of paper that have names of colors on them.

Fill the second bag with slips of paper with shapes on them.

Fill the third bag with names of quilt block designs.

Fill the fourth bag with names of "things" that could be included in your quilt.

Additional bags could include more colors, quilting techniques such as "applique" or "paper piecing", etc. Allow your imagination to run wild!

3. Draw one slip of paper from each bag.

4. Now try to combine some or all of those elements into a quilt design. Even if you never actually make that particular quilt, the design process might just be the jumping off point that gets your mind thinking in new directions.

I know that somewhere out there, other Moose Challenge quilts have been completed. Even though we won't have a viewer's choice vote, please send me your photos so I can post them for all to enjoy. Send them to


Kristi Parker

Chicken Soup Designs

Amherst, NH