Thursday, August 7, 2008

What do you look for in a quilt pattern?

Here's your chance to tell pattern designers what you're looking for when shopping for a quilt pattern. New England Quilt Designers Cooperative is a group of six quilt designers who work independently on our own work. We pool our resources to market ourselves and our patterns at quilt shows and this blog. We each have our own style and vision for what we wish to produce and how we wish to run our businesses. We all have the same issues though when it comes to what the consumer is looking for and that's where you, the discerning consumer, come in. Won't you take a few moments to leave a comment and tell us what you think about when choosing a pattern? We would all appreciate it and it will help us to get the patterns to market that you are interested in.

What size quilt pattern do you generally purchase - wall hangings, lap, bed sizes? Is it important to you to have several sizes in one pattern?

Would you be more apt to purchase a pattern if it had an "extra something" included, such as a matching pillow or some other coordinating item?

Thinking back on the last few patterns you purchased - what drew you to that pattern? Was it the colors of the cover sample (what were those colors?), a holiday item (which holiday?), the simplicity/complexity of the pattern or something else?

Is there a particular genre of quilt patterns that you never see but are always looking for? Or perhaps one you are tired of seeing everywhere?

What price is too much to pay for a pattern?

Thank you for taking the time to give us a little insight into your quilt pattern purchases. We look forward to reading your responses. And who knows, you may have just played a part in getting the next hit pattern to market!

Thanks again for leaving us a comment,
Terri Sontra
Purple Moose Designs

and the rest of the New England Quilt Designers Cooperative!

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deb said...

Hi Terri and friends :-)
OK, what do I look for...
1. Cost is important: I would buy a whole lot more patterns if they were about $6; even though $8 isn't much more, it just seems too much for what is usually just a piece of paper and maybe a color photo.
2. Color makes a huge difference to me, so the colors/fabrics you use on the cover can make the difference between buying and not buying.
3. I don't want pillow patterns as an extra, and maybe a table runner would be okay, but mainly I want different sizes of the quilt (bed sizes).
4. Christmas quilts always get my attention, but they must 'read' as red and green quilts from the first glance.
5. I've been quilting for 15 years and am pretty tired of making the same block over and over for a quilt; I get bored with that. Any variation on that is good. :-)
6. As re the above, I'd like to see more medallion quilts.
Hope that helps,
La Jolla CA