Sunday, April 29, 2012

Strippidee Do Dah! A contest!

 Have you ever made a strippie quilt (a quilt that is pieced in rows)? Three strippy quilt patterns by Six Gables Designs will make their debut this weekend at the Cross Town Quilters show in Southwick, Massachusetts. They are Strip Ease, Easily Bamboozled, and a still to be named pattern (the one with birds in trees). I'm at a loss for words, probably for the first time in my life, and need help with a name for the quilt. Therefore, I'm offering a copy of the pattern to the person who comes up with the best catchy name. Contest ends at 11 pm Eastern Standard Time this evening (Sunday, April 29) and I am the sole judge. Please, nothing wintery or Christmasy, even though the sample photo has a holiday feel.

Strip Ease

Easily Bamboozled

Name me and win me!

Thank you!

Barbara Chojnacki
Six Gables Designs

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Barbara D'Angelo said...

The birds and the trees!