Thursday, October 16, 2008

Syncopated Ribbons Group Quilt Project

It happened! I got motivated!

Group Quilt Project Announcement

With the success of “Perfection is Overrated” and my love of bringing my message of fuss free quilting to the masses, I have made the decision to add a second trunk show to my repertoire, hopefully by mid 2009. While I was contemplating new ideas for a second trunk show presentation, the title came to me first: “Plays Well With Others”, and what I was going to do about that title became my newest dilemma. Going through my creations led me to the conclusion that I could probably do a trunk show based on group quilts, but it would be pretty short currently. That is where this project comes in.

My Syncopated Ribbons pattern, one of my favorites, screamed to me (like my daughters, it doesn’t seem to have an indoor voice) “ME ME ME! Use ME!” So I am going to. If you would like to participate in helping to bulk up my group quilts so that I can be more prepared to give a new and equally fantastic trunk show as soon as mid 2009, here’s what you have to do:

1. Email me ( to let me know you want to participate, both to get the directions and to assure me that my project is not about to bomb due to lack of interest.
2. Start gathering lime greens, purples, and teals from your stash. Scraps are fine as long as they are at least 2” wide and 10” long. You will need about ½ yard total of fabrics and scraps, the more fabrics the merrier, to complete your part of the group quilt, which will consist of portions for four blocks and a 20” portion of the border strip.

Everyone who participates will receive their choice of a free pattern from my line, as well as a 5 x 7 of the completed group quilt. I am hoping to be able to make one twin size quilt, but will adjust those expectations as necessary. Quilt shop owners, if you wish to advertise this project, you are welcome to request an emailable (is that a word?) flyer that you can print for your shop.

Thank you for considering your participation! I think it will be a lot of fun and I am sure it will turn out just as gorgeous as all the other quilts I’ve seen made from this pattern.

I'll be vending for NEQDC at Tewksbury Piecemakers Quilt Show this weekend in Tewksbury MA. Hope to see you there! Like Terri said, we love meeting our blog readers, so don't be shy!

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