Friday, January 16, 2009

It's done! Sort of!

The piecing part, anyway...

Presenting the "Syncopated Ribbons Group Quilt", by Julie Davis, Laura Davis, Barbara Fischer, Sue Fors!, Jennifer Gierke, Beth Helfter, Deb Koczela, Martha Lorshbaugh, Emily Peach, Nancy Peach, Terri Sontra, Mary Beth Stevenson, Eddie Tarabey, Steven Tarabey and Vanessa Tarabey.

I am so thrilled with how it turned out. Fifteen quilters took me up on the idea of making 8 “half-blocks” plus a border portion each, so we ended up with a gorgeous lime, purple, and aqua quilt that is somewhere between a full and queen size. It is amazing to me when I look at it that no two quilters seem to have used the same fabrics; I could never count the actual number of fabrics contained in it, but there have to be over 150 at least. The project is both multi-generational with the ages of the participants ranging from 10-68 and multi-genderational with two young boy quilters participating. Once quilted, the quilt will become part of my new trunk show, “Plays Well With Others”, which I plan to have ready for debut by the 2009-10 guild season.

Two year old waking up from her nap, so I'll be back tomorrow to post details of a free workshop I hope some of you might be interested in!

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