Sunday, February 15, 2009

The NEQDC Moose Challenge

In two weeks we will be embarking upon a Moose Challenge adventure, and you are invited to participate in the fun! What the heck is a "Moose Challenge", you ask?

Well, those of us from New England know that a moose is a rather gangly, awkward looking creature that looks like it was fashioned by God with a bunch of leftover parts all stuck…….

A Moose Challenge is when seemingly unrelated elements are combined in a quilt project. Here is how it goes....everyone who wants to participate writes down (we will do this via e-mail) two different colors, a geometric shape, a "thing" (it can be just about anything), and a traditional quilt block. I will then write the ideas on slips of paper and place them into small bags. One design element will be drawn out of each bag, at random, from the submitted entries. Design elements will be posted here on the NEQDC blog on March 2, 2009.

The challenge is to come up with a design that incorporates all of those elements, somewhere in the quilt. The elements can be part of the design itself, fabric choice, quilting, surface embellishment- whatever you can think of! The challenge quilt will be limited to 24”x24” or smaller. There are no other specific rules. Anything goes!!!!
I did this exercise with some quilting friends many years ago and was amazed to see what people came up with. It really got my creative juices flowing!
One lady just couldn't figure out how to work the traditional block design into her quilt, so she made one and used it as a label on the back!!

Photos of the completed The Moose Challenge entries should be sent to Kristi Parker (address below) by June 30th, 2009. Blog readers will vote for their favorite entry, and the people’s choice winner will receive a quilter’s goodie basket prize!

Anyone who is interested may participate in the challenge. (You do not have to be from New England!) If you choose to participate, please send the following to Kristi Parker at :
Your name
E-mail address
Two colors
A geometric shape
A “thing” (it can be your favorite thing, or something totally random)
A traditional quilt block

Remember to check back here on March 2nd for the chosen design elements, so you can get started on your Moose Challenge!
I look forward to hearing from you!

~Kristi Parker
Chicken Soup Designs
Amherst, NH

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