Thursday, February 26, 2009

There's Still Time.... sign up for my newsletter, that is! Purple Moose Designs will be issuing the premiere issue of our newsletter "Moose Droppings" real soon. It will go out monthly and will have quilting tips and tid-bits, sales and coupons just for our readers, guest authors, recipes, spotlights on tools and notions and more. Best of all - it's FREE! So head on over to the website and enter your name and e-mail in the boxes at the bottom of the home page. Hurry, before it's too late. You'll want to be the first in your quilting bee to have "Moose Droppings"!!!

Terri Sontra
Purple Moose Designs


Barbara said...

Terri- I LOVE the title of your newsletter!

Terri, Head Moose said...

Thanks Barbara! I was wondering if the name would be too risque but so far no one has complained and I have had MANY people comment that they think it's cute. Guess I'm not the only soul with a warped sense of humor!