Friday, November 14, 2008

If I Had a Million Dollars, I'd buy a new sewing machine

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about the group quilt project I am hosting using my Syncopated Ribbons design (go right ahead and scroll down to read all about it if you missed it...I'll wait...). I was pleased with the response I got and was thrilled to be contacted by plenty of quilters who wanted to take part. And now the fun has truly begun as I am starting to get packages in the mail of quilt block and border portions. I feel like a little kid at Christmas tearing open these envelopes and ooooing over the beautiful fabrics and colors in these blocks made by quilters from all over the country, many of whom I have never met. I know that when I receive all of the promised blocks back and am able to put the whole project together, it is going to be breathtaking.

In less fabulous and infinitely more frustrating news, my sewing machine is on a mission to get me to quit quilting. Two weeks ago, DH gave me the gift of 3 uninterrupted hours of sewing while he fed, bathed, and bedded all three girls. At least that was the plan. Twenty seven minutes into my 3 hours, my machine decided to completely crump out. I actually had to drag out my old Elna 1010 and managed to use it to put a binding on, but given that it cost about $105 in 1997 and hasn't been in for a tuneup in 5 years, that is really all I could ask of it. After I finished paraphrasing Garth Brooks with "Damn this (machine), and damn this wasted day", I brought the machine to my trusty repair shop, where they fixed it in two days at a reasonable price.

Fast forward to the moment I tried to use it to free motion quilt the day after I picked it up. It worked beautifully for about 3 minutes then SNAP! the top thread shredded and broke. Changed needles. One minute of quilting and SNAP! the top thread shredded and broke. Rethreaded entire machine. Seventeen seconds of sewing and SNAP! the top thread shredded and broke. At which point I just about shredded and broke myself. Called the repair shop in a total snit, they told me to bring it right back in. Of course, I had a sick child home from school and couldn't just drop everything and run it to the shop, which have I mentioned is 18 miles away and not on the way to ANYWHERE I ever go? Ever? So I didn't get to bring it in til this morning. The repair guy was very nice, threaded it up and tried it out with my darning foot, and of course there is no evidence that there is anything wrong with it. Tension is great, worked like a charm. I very trepidatiously brought the thing back home, but am now terrified to try to use it for fear I will end up needing to throw it against the wall if it snaps thread on me again. And I just really don't have time to patch drywall.

Beth Helfter, who is reminding herself this is all supposed to be fun
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