Monday, November 17, 2008

So How Many Sewing Machines Do You Have?

Gosh - I only have four machines. Is there something wrong with me (big grin)? I can’t even imagine having 10 or 15 or 20+ as Barbara mentions in her post below. Where on earth would I put them all?! As it is, I have one in use, one kept at my family’s summer place to use when I am there and two packed away in a back corner under my work table.

My newest sewing machine is a Viking Sapphire which I totally love (and bought on sale last spring). (See photo above with my latest project for my book.) It has a ten inch throat which is such a luxury after only having 6-7 inches to work with when quilting, though certainly not like having a mid arm, which I would love to have. But there again NO SPACE!

My second machine is a Viking Rose, which I was able to buy at cost from a dealer who was closing her business about 10-12 years ago. Such a deal! It is a very nice machine but I never used the embroidery features, so it was a bit like owning a computer when all you want to do is word processing.

My third machine is a New Home, which I have owned for more than 20 years. It is very noisy but reliable. After I bought my Rose I used the New Home for teaching – it was great for teaching kids because it is not a complicated machine and I also figured if it got ruined – Oh Well!

My fourth machine is my mother’s old Singer from the early '50's with all the attachments, cogs for fancy stitches, manual, etc. It still runs but I rarely use it and have it carefully packed away. This machine supplies me with wonderful memories of my mother who died when I was 25. She made most of her own clothes and mine when I was growing up, not to mention all the drapes, pillow covers, upholstered furniture and slip covers in every house we lived in. I especially remember a lovely prom dress she made for me when I was 16 that fit a young body about half the size of the body I have now! (I still have that dress. It is still beautiful and it is TINY. How did I ever fit into it?)

AND - I am on the lookout for an antique treadle sewing machine, preferably pre-1900 or at least pre 1910 - in good condition (not that I have a lot of $ right now, but I am dreaming). In the meantime, I collect miniatures of antique machines. They help brighten up my sewing room.

If anyone is interested in a great source of information about antique sewing machines of all makes and models made during the nineteenth century, get yourself a copy of The Encyclopedia of Early American Sewing Machines (Second Edition) by Carter Bays. The photos are wonderful and the information is very detailed and interesting.

Tell us about YOUR sewing machines!

Cary Flanagan

Something Sew Fine Quilt Design


Adria said...

I have 3 sewing machines. My first was a cheap Brother from Walmart. Then I inherited my grandmothers Singer. When it stopped working I got another Brother but a much higher version.

Beth Helfter said...

I am that rare breed - a cheap quilter! I just can't justify spending thousands on a machine...yet. And so far it is just the two in the barn.