Monday, June 9, 2008

Praise God for the computer savvy!

I am always so impressed by NEQDC's many talents, but today I am particularly impressed by our efficiency......four days ago Cary had an idea for us to set up a group blogspot, and with Barbara C's work we are already up and running! Thank you to both of you. As you will undoubtedly come to find out, computers and I do not get along well, and I love being associated with people who can do things so (seemingly) effortlessly.

Case in point - I am in the process of joining Quilter's Warehouse with my own EvaPaige Quilt Designs page, and as exciting as this is, I am also not enjoying my homework, part of which involves resizing photos from my pattern covers. Most normal people would be able to do this in their sleep, I however prefer to stress out about it and spend hours googling "pixel" and "resolution" in the hope of a sudden "ah-ha" moment which never comes. Sigh. Thankfully, most of the professional contacts I have that need to deal with me on some computing level seem to be putting up with me so far; I definitely need to be wary of pressing me luck!

EPQD's namesakes, my 5 year old twins Eva and Paige, have their dance recital dress rehersal this afternoon. They cannot wait to wear their costumes and dance on the stage (a tap number to "Stupid Cupid" which, in my not at all humble or unbiased opinion, is totally adorable). I only hope for three things: 1. No one passes out from heat exhaustion as it is forecast to be 100 this afternoon. 2. Neither of them (or anyone else in the class for that matter) fall off the stage - there is a lot of jumping involved and they all tend to jump a foot forward every time. and 3. Paige doesn't get stage fright, literally. The girl loves to perform for an audience, but gets freaked out when she looks at an actual stage head on. I am hoping I can sneak her in the back way so she doesn't have to see the stage.

Then I am off to my final guild meeting of the year. We have our "Puzzle Challenge" reveal tonight and I, again in a totally humble and unbiased way, think my quilt is fantastic. We'll see what the group thinks!

Beth Helfter
EvaPaige Quilt Designs

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bethsull said...

I am so glad you ladies are blogging now! I hope Eva and Paige did great at their recital. My mother commented at my 4-year-old daughter Lucy's recital that the girls were like snowflakes - all beautiful and no two alike.