Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trunk Show

I recently gave a trunk show to the Cocheco Quilt Guild in Dover NH. It was my first invitation from a guild outside my local area to do a presentation and I was really pleased to have been invited. I brought quilts and samples from my very first quilt (from about 1992) to my current original designs and gave the audience a look back at where I have come from as a designer and where I am now. I got a great response from the audience and felt really good about the whole experience. I hope I get many more invitations like that!

Tomorrow I am off for a week's vacation at my family's summer cabin on a small lake near Conway NH. The cabin is secluded and very quiet - a really great place to relax and create. I have brought enough quilting projects to last me a month, but alas - I have only a week. My DH and I are also the caretakers of the place so I will need to spend time on opening the place for the summer season and all the work that entails. But I plan plenty of time to sew as well as time to simply relax, maybe swim, go for walks with the dogs and READ - a great luxury I do not have much time for normally.

I will write again when I return next week and will post a few photos for your enjoyment.

Cary Flanagan
Something Sew Fine Quilt Design

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